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The Common Causes and Remedies of Lower Back Pain.


Back pain has become very familiar nowadays across different age groups and special groups like pregnant women and the old in our communities. Back pain that is experienced by expectant mothers could be primarily because of the weight of the baby inside the womb. For older people, it is expected to experience back pain as they age because of inter-vertebral disc degeneration that is wear and tear of their cells and different diseases associated with old age. The active category of individuals that are still young and energetic also experience back pain due to straining of the muscles that could be as a result of carrying heavy loads. Other causes include poor posture while sitting for long hours and that can be easily rectified.


Some diseases are also associated with back pain such as kidney infections, urinary tract infection, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis among other diseases.

Injury, accidents and excessive weight could also be a causative agent of back pain. The pain is usually due to too much pressure being exerted on the spine or an infection affecting the spinal cord area.


Back pain is usually painful and causes discomfort to the body but it is not life threatening so you can get treatment in case your pain is caused by other diseases, and if you get cured or manage the disease, then the back pain will reduce and disappear with time. It is important to identify the cause of your pain so that you can realize how to treat or manage the pain to lead a productive life. Know about chiropractors in lexingtonsc here!


The remedy for lower back pain is dependent on the degree of pain and extent of damage in the body. For acute back pain, you can get over the counter prescriptions from your doctor to relieve the pain. The full dose should be taken, and if the pain doesn't capsize then you need to inform your doctor, and they can change the medicine to make sure that you feel better. Some of the medications include steroids and opioid analgesics.


For severe cases, there are surgeries to repair the spine and eliminate back pain, and they include lower back fusion surgery, decompressing therapy, subcutaneous electric manipulation, and spinal surgery.


For back pain caused by poor posture, you can rectify by the use of chiropractic treatment and be using zero gravity chairs to manage your weight. You can also consider whole health chiropractictherapy sessions and most importantly exercise and weight control to avoid straining the muscles.